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Gas stations are meant to be convenient stops where you can fill up your tank, grab a quick snack, and be on your way without a second thought. Unfortunately, many gas stations have become hotspots for violent crimes that could have been prevented with adequate security measures. Simple actions like improved lighting, surveillance cameras, and security personnel can make a significant difference. When these precautions are neglected, it can leave customers vulnerable to attacks, robberies, and other violent incidents.

If you or someone you know has been injured at a convenience store or gas station in Memphis due to a violent crime, it's important to understand that you have legal options. The experienced team at Cook & Cossio focuses on holding gas station owners accountable for failing to provide proper security. Our personalized approach means that your case receives the attention it deserves, and we are dedicated to helping you seek justice.

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The Impact of Negligent Memphis Gas Station Owners

When a crime occurs at a gas station, it can sometimes catch everyone off-guard. However, in many cases, such incidents occur because gas station owners fail to be proactive about security measures. Owners who manage stations in high-crime areas should be well aware of the risks involved and the necessary steps to safeguard their investment. Most importantly, they are responsible for protecting their staff and patrons from potential harm.

Unfortunately, some gas station owners do not take this duty seriously. They neglect to invest in reasonable safety measures that could prevent violent crimes. By refusing to spend money on necessary improvements like better lighting, effective surveillance systems, and trained security personnel, these owners leave their properties vulnerable to criminal activities. For this negligence, they must be held accountable, especially when someone gets hurt or, even worse, loses their life. 

At the bare minimum, owners should consider implementing the following measures:

  • Enhanced lighting: Bright, well-maintained lighting around the premises to deter criminal activity.
  • Surveillance cameras: High-quality cameras to monitor all areas of the gas station and record any suspicious activities.
  • Trained security personnel: Employing guards who are trained to handle potential threats and ensure the safety of customers and staff.
  • Regular safety audits: Conducting frequent audits to identify and address any vulnerabilities in the security setup.
  • Emergency protocols: Establishing clear procedures for staff to follow in case of an emergency.

The absence of these critical safety measures can put employees and customers at risk, turning a routine visit to the gas station into a dangerous encounter. This lack of security not only increases the likelihood of violent crimes but also erodes the community's trust in the safety of these establishments. Holding these owners responsible through litigation is often the only way to compel them to take the necessary steps to prevent future incidents. 

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Do You Have a Real Claim?

Many victims of violent crimes at gas stations aren't sure if they have a legitimate claim against the property owner. It's a common concern, especially when dealing with an attack's aftermath. However, understanding your rights and the signs pointing toward a viable case can provide clarity. Negligent security covers a broad range of situations, and if you suspect that inadequate safety measures contributed to the incident, you may have grounds to pursue legal action.

Here are some signs that you may have a legitimate claim:

  • You were assaulted, robbed, or attacked at a gas station.
  • The incident happened during business hours.
  • There were inadequate security measures in place at the gas station, such as poor lighting, broken cameras, or lack of trained personnel.
  • The gas station owners knew about the high crime rate in the area and failed to take proper precautions.
  • You incurred medical and other expenses due to the attack.

If these factors apply to your situation, it's crucial to speak with an experienced Memphis gas station security attorney. Our team at Cook & Cossio includes members with former law enforcement experience, making us skilled at investigating these incidents and identifying failures in security measures. This unique background enables us to approach your case with a deep understanding of legal standards and practical safety enforcement. 

Schedule your free consultation by calling (501) 408-2019 or completing our online form. Our Memphis gas station security attorneys are available for virtual meetings!

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